What to Expect from the Eagles

What to Expect from the Eagles

What to expect from Philly this 2018-2019 NFL season


   After the incredible previous season that the Philadelphia Eagles experienced during the 2017-2018 season, there is no doubt that the team will return to own the field again.  The Super Bowl champions dominated last year, and for this upcoming year’s season it is looking quite promising for the team.

   The recent NFL Draft featured some very exciting picks, the best of them all was the deal they struck with the New England Patriots, as they agreed for the Eagles to move up a slot, which allowed the team to select Jordan Mailata. Mailata is the 6 foot 8 inch prodigy, who formerly played rugby in Sydney, Australia. Some may think that this choice was a bit of a risky one, considering he has never played professional football. Luckily they are introducing quite a solid force of muscle and power, as his league tapes feature clear athleticism and impressive footwork, considering his weight. Seven rival teams were watching him at their spring camps, so the Eagles are lucky to have this defensive player on their line.

   The championship team is also introducing another draft pick to the team, as they traded up for a tight end, which they definitely needed. With the decision to pick Dallas Goedert in the second round, the team will be marrying their offense, which has an expansive running capabilities and with Goedert he will mesh perfectly with Zach Ertz, so fellow defensive lineman need to beware!

   Unfortunately the Eagles decided a few weeks ago to trade their wide receiver Torrey Smith, who played a great season with the team last year, racking up two touchdowns and thirty-six total passes. Pederson made the decision to trade Smith to the Carolina Panthers, and in exchange the Philly team gained cornerback Darryl Worley. The Eagles briefly had a hopeful new addition, only to see him involved with the law after he was found allegedly found passed out in a vehicle with guns and alcohol suspected to be involved. This resulted in the team then dropping him, only for the Raiders to sign him just a week later.

   Now they have to focus on their attention on Sidney Jones, as he has been gathering quite a lot of hype during the spring training. Also promising younger cornerback Jalen Mills had a solid season as a starter, so one can only hope that the two pick up the slack for this upcoming season. There is no doubt that the Eagles have a full team of talent, and thankfully unlike many teams, they do not have any worrying gaps in their lines of offense and defense. Here is to hoping that they can bring the same fluidity that they showed the nation last season.

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