UFC Wants 80 Percent in Mayweather McGregor Fight

There’s been much speculation over a possible crossover fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor, and now there’s even more buzz about the financial implications for McGregor if a match did take place.

UFC President Dana White is not completely on board with the idea of crossover fights that incorporate boxing aspects into the matches, especially since it doesn’t really make much sense or seem beneficial from a business standpoint, but he is still willing to make the fight happen for McGregor who has stepped up for the UFC in the past when they needed him. The condition for this, according to Mayweather’s Uncle Jeff, is that there’d be an 80-20 split on the money made from the fight, and White would expect McGregor to take the 20.

“If somebody tells you ‘I’m gonna take 80 percent of your money, and you’re the one that’s fighting for it, that’s still a tough pill to swallow,” Jeff Mayweather said. “Even if you made more money than you ever did. But, it is what it is.”

It is true that the hype of this fight would lead to McGregor making the most money he ever has off a fight, even if the UFC would be taking 80 percent of his winnings, but this negotiation is apparently what’s keeping the fight from happening at the moment.

Jeff Mayweather did not disclose how he heard about this deal, but he did claim it as “inside information.” He also claimed that the decision of whether or not this fight is going to happen will be left up to McGregor, since Mayweather is ready to sign a contract.

If the fight does get agreed upon within the next few weeks, the 40-year-old and soon to be 29-year-old would most likely face off before the end of 2017, but not until after McGregor’s wife gives birth to the child they’re expecting at the end of this month.

Dana White has also made it clear that this would be the only crossover fight he would support.

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