Townsend hopes chewing chicken feet will lift him up Luton’s pecking order

Soccer Football - FA Cup Quarter Final - Crystal Palace v Everton - Selhurst Park, London, Britain - March 20, 2022 Everton's Richarlison and Andros Townsend in action with Crystal Palace's Tyrick Mitchell Action Images via Reuters/John Sibley/ File Photo

Andros Townsend, a former striker for England, is hopeful that chewing on chicken feet would help him improve his performance on the wing and give his sputtering football career a new lease on life.

After being sidelined with an injury for the entirety of the previous season and the last part of the 2021-22 campaign while playing for Everton, the 32-year-old recently signed a deal with Premier League newcomers Luton Town for a limited period.

The winger, sidelined due to a significant knee injury, has begun treating himself with natural treatments to restore his body and prevent a repeat of the condition that had kept him out of action.

Chicken feet are regarded as one of the natural sources of collagen of the highest quality. It is easy, the player said to the hosts of the Monday Night Club on BBC Radio 5 Live.

Townsend is confident that eating chicken feet and the other marginal improvements he embraces are helping him become fitter than ever. Chicken feet are a popular snack in many areas of the world; nevertheless, they do not typically feature on the menu of a player playing in the Premier League.

It has the same flavor as a chicken wing. ” There is not a lot of meat on it, and there is a lot of cartilage right next to the bone. It has skin around it. It’s pretty lovely. It is consumed significantly daily in China, South Africa, and Portugal. It takes twenty minutes in the steam oven, and you must swallow it.

“Mouth taping—that’s what I’m doing right now. I am 32 years old, have been away from the game for two years, and feel incredible. That is all I know.

“I don’t know exactly what it is, but I suppose all of these little percentages are building up. All of these things—nutrition and recuperation, the hyperbaric chamber, red-light treatment, flow therapy—seem to be helping me.”

Townsend is under contract with the Hatters until January despite having only appeared in four games since joining the team.

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