Tiger Revamps PGA Tour Championship with Thriller Final Round

Tiger Revamps PGA Tour Championship with Thriller Final Round

As the back nine of the final day at the PGA Tour Championship would unfold, it felt like the whole world was watching Tiger Woods try to fight back into the lead of the tournament.

It has been a long time coming, but we finally have the cold-blooded killer on the course in Tiger Woods back in action. Sunday would be his best day of play, as he would shoot a course-best (for this tournament) of 64 under par. That gave him a score of 8 under on Sunday, which would bring him into contention for the championship.

Tiger would be matched up against the three-way competition for the last day of play. He was up against Adam Scott and Brooks Koepka. The three players were all having phenomenal rounds on the course, all shooting at least 13 under to finish. The back nine holes of the course was where things would take a turn for greatness.

Tiger struggled for the first half of the course, but would have a huge turn around to make a run for his other competitors’ money. He would end up with four birdies out of his last seven holes. Out of those, he had two near misses on the greens from 20 feet out. His for-birdie put on the 11th hole was remarkable as his put attempt would end up sitting on the edge of the hole but refuse to drop in. It reminds me of the day before how Woods unfortunately had a ball curl out of a hole.

At this time, Koepka and Scott were still both ahead of Tiger on the scorecard, but not by much. Woods was able to close the gap to one shot under the leaders, as he had a 13 under while they stood at 14. The tournament had been underwhelming up to Sunday, but it would prove to be an electric finish.

Even though he had some small miscues, it felt like Tiger was going to claw his way back into contention. It felt as if a three-way playoff was in the works to occur at the end of Sunday’s round. Brooks Koepka would find a way to keep the literal Tiger off his back.

Tiger would finish his final day with a total score of 14 under par. He closed out the day with a birdie on the 18th in signature Tiger Style.

It would not be enough, as Koepka would finish out the round shooting 16 under, capturing the PGA Tour Championship. Even though Tiger did not win, he sparked the rest of the country to watch his potential comeback in the late stages of the tournament. He was able to place in second as Scott would wind up at 13 under par.

Every time he sank a crucial birdie put or tee off an incredible drive, the crowd would erupt in joyful cheers as Tiger regained his swagger on the golf course. People love watching him play the game. It feels like we have jumped back in time to the days when golf was exciting to watch, with Woods leading the way.

It goes without saying that Woods is such an inspiration for the sport. When he is playing well, everyone wants to watch his performance, no matter if he wins or loses. He definitely has returned to his previous iconic status, and next season he could possibly return to his winning ways. It was an absolute thrill to watch him on Sunday, and I hope Tiger is finally back to compete for years to come.

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