This Year Marks an Especially Exciting Masters’ Tournament

This Year Marks an Especially Exciting Masters’ Tournament

Golf is generally assumed by the sports community to be one which lacks action and exciting turns, as many struggle to watch a full round, but this is not the case with the annual Masters Tournament- and folks, the great 2018 Masters Tournament weekend has passed and it did not disappoint. This has been another successful year, being one of the most exciting and riveting of the past decade. This PGA Tour competition has been filled with drama, injuries, and ended with a new golfer earning the coveted green jacket that so many competed to wear. From Tiger competing to earn his place, to a27-year-oldd taking the winning spot, this year was full of unexpected moments.

The Masters have been held at the Augusta National Golf Club for the past eighty five years, since the sport decided that they needed a consistent location which could keep a beautiful green, as well as enjoyable weather for the players to show off their skills. This year the weather could not have been more ideal, especially on the last and final Sunday round with a clear forecast throughout. Although Saturday did give a bit of a scare to the players competing in round three, and spectators who walked the course with them, the dark cast day did not hinder the players with true skill.

At the beginning of the weeklong golfing extravaganza, there were 87 players vying for a spot in the four day, four round competitions. The first three days of the seven total consisted of pre-tournament days, which allowed for the players to become familiar with the course as well as eye their competition. Coverage aired on all three pre-tournament days, which no doubt helped boost the excitement as well as giving TV networks extra profits to run on. So what exactly were some of the best moments during the four-round series?

It had been three years since Tiger took to the Master’s course, so there was quite a lot of anticipation behind his performance this year. With many of the major sports reporting networks anticipating a comeback after his years working his reputation back up from his 2009 scandal and affairs and then having to rebound from his 2017 arrest, this was going to be his take back. Unfortunately, things did not pan out well for the player, as the previous four-time Masters champion was over par on all four days, with round two and three being over by four overall, and placing thirty-second overall.

Luckily not all big names struggled to score low during the four days, as highly anticipated players like Mcllroy, the great Bubba Watson, Ricky Fowler and Jordan Speith all ranked in the top ten over the tournament with extremely impressive scores. From the eighty-seven players who began the tournament, thirty-four of the players were cut due to high scores and a lack of chance of winning each round when their scores were combined.

On the final Sunday round the leaderboard started with Patrick Reed under by fourteen and well-loved Rory Mcllroy under by eleven, it was up to Mcllroy to score under to beat the top golfer. Although Irishman had an extremely impressive Saturday, with a birdie on the last hole of the course, unfortunately, he couldn’t catch back up to Reed on Sunday and fell into fifth place. The last round did, however, have quite an exciting leader, as fellow American Ricky Fowler moved up a slot and went under an additional five points taking the position of second place. Although he had quite an impressive comeback, it was not enough for him to take the final celebration walk to the green jacket. Reeds overall performance and win were amazing, and he had some of the best puts of the whole tournament, although he didn’t boast a hole in one like Hoffman, he did walk away on top with a cool two million dollars. Fowler coming in second was also awarded with an impressive 1.3 million of the total eleven million allotted to the top golfers of the rounds.

The biggest drama of the golfing matches had to have been the moment that after an amazing hole in one from Tony Finau his celebration ended especially harshly. As many would celebrate with a dance or a subtle hoorah, Tony joyfully ran down the entire green to the hole, only to turn during his celebratory run to endure a gruesome and live on TV, dislocation of his ankle. Not only did the video go viral, but the injury set him back in the days to come, although it did not stop him from scoring in the top ten, he did admit that he had some pain and some serious swelling. If nothing else his injury did show the golfing world just how tough and focused Finau is as a player! It was safe to say that this was one of the most eventful Masters yet, now we get to wait and see what the rest of 2018 has to offer for these top golfers.

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