Tests From Tiger Woods’ Arrest Released

Toxicology reports from Tiger Woods’ May arrest have been released, revealing that the former golf superstar had five different drugs in his system at the time. The five drugs were Vicodin, Xanax, Ambien, Dilaudid, and THC—the chemical present in marijuana. It is unclear which of these drugs Woods—who has battled serious injuries the last few years—has a prescription for.

Woods’ arrest blindsided the golf community, especially considering that the 14-time major winner blew a 0.00 and his DUI was resultant of the 41-year old not “realizing the mix of medications had affected (him) so strongly.” In addition, the dash cam footage that was released by the Palm Beach County Sheriff was unsettling, depicting a lackadaisical Woods who was slow to cooperate with officers, slurred his speech and was generally unaware of his surroundings.

Woods, who has not played in a major championship since 2015 and only appeared once between the 2016 and 2017 seasons, is under 12 months of probation and recently entered a DUI diversion program. Woods will plead guilty to reckless driving.


Featured Image via Wikimedia

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