Stephen Curry prepares for Celebrity Golf Tournament

Stephen Curry prepares for Celebrity Golf Tournament

Tahoe City, CA—Stephen Curry has had an eventful 2018, and is going to add to it by playing in the 29th annual American Century Championship golf tournament this weekend.

The Golden State Warriors point guard is ready to play in the celebrity golf tournament, and will bring his radiant glow and spirit that we see on the court at Oracle Arena. Curry says that his play on course is elevated when he is coming off a championship-winning season. If anyone else were in his current position, it would be hard to not be joyful of his current scenario.

Stephen Curry already has a significant amount of accomplishments with the NBA, so it seems like this simple golf tournament would be meaningless. But it is one of the parts of the year that Curry enjoys. “Whenever the date (for this tournament) comes out every year, I kind of crack a smile whenever I find out about it, because I look forward to it,” Curry told USA TODAY Sports. “As much as a golf junkie as I am … it’s like the closest I’ll ever get to playing quote-unquote professional golf.” Curry is looking to place in the top three this year, as he was able to finish in fourth place last year.

Even if Curry can’t win the tournament, it has already been an eventful year for the 2-time MVP. He is coming off his third NBA finals win in 4 years. The first two years he won the league’s MVP. The second year he won the award it was a unanimous vote (the first time ever in NBA history). After losing the finals in the year he won his second MVP title, he added the best scoring threat in the league in Kevin Durant to his team. Since then he hasn’t lost in the finals, all against LeBron James. This past offseason, his already star-studded Golden State Warriors were able to do the unthinkable; add another all-star entering his prime in Demarcus Cousins for the cheap price of under $6 million. Those are plenty of reasons for Curry to be able to be having a grand time out at Lake Tahoe.

In addition to his good fortune in the NBA, Curry and his wife Ayesha welcomed their third child into the family. This will be the Curry’s first born son, and his name will be Canon Jack Curry. The couple gave birth to the son a couple weeks ago. It has been a wonderous occasion for Stephen Curry, being able to celebrate the glory of the NBA success as well as the health and growth of his family. The future is bright for the 30-year old, but it won’t include taking up a professional golf career, at least for the time being. “No, I’m not trying to pursue the life of a professional golfer,” Curry said. “I know (former Dallas Cowboys quarterback) Tony (Romo) likes to do a qualifier to try to qualify for the U.S. Open. I may try that.”

Curry wants to be involved with golf for now, but does not see it fit to become a pro. His current focus is adding on to his legacy in basketball, which might include hoisting up more Larry O’Brien trophies in the coming future. He does admit that playing golf at Lake Tahoe after winning a championship is a much better feeling than when losing it. It translates both in his spirits and his play, on the course and the court. That was the situation in 2016 after Curry and the Warriors blew a 3-1 lead to the Cleveland Cavaliers. This time around, it is all going in the right direction for Curry.

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