Serena Williams Says She’s Tired of “Random” Drug Tests

Serena Williams Says She’s Tired of “Random” Drug Tests

Serena Williams is over what she calls “discrimination” by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency.

Williams first spoke about the amount of times she has been randomly drug tested ahead of this year’s Wimbledon tournament, when she said told reporters the USADA should “Just test everyone equally.” Just weeks after Wimbledon, Williams was randomly tested again, which lead to her airing out her frustrations on social media.

After Williams made the issue public, Deadspin reported that an unannounced drug test lead to a standoff at Williams’ home in June. The test came months after Williams had last competed and more than a month before she was scheduled to compete professionally again.

The site also reported that Williams has been tested five times already this year, more than twice the amount of any other top-five male or female tennis player. Williams’ sister, Venus Williams, received the second-highest amount of testing this year, with two random drug tests.

The USADA’s testing of Williams was so frequent that at one point, she was tested twice in the same week in September.

A representative for the USADA told Deadspin that some athletes were more likely to be tested than others because of their performance or available resources, but did not specify why Williams received unfair testing. In a similar statement to the site, Williams’ representation called the testing “invasive and targeted.”

Whatever the reason for the testing, Williams tested negative on each random test – and has tested negative on every test over her 23-year career. According to the USADA’s Athlete Test History database, Maria Sharapova, who has tested positive for doping in the past, has not been tested once this year.

“I’m ready to do whatever it takes to have a clean sport so bring it on,” Williams said on Twitter after her most recent random drug test last Tuesday. “I’m excited.”


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