Roma Defender Gianluca Mancini Under Investigation for Lazio ‘Rat’ Flag Celebrations

Roma Defender Gianluca Mancini Under Investigation for Lazio 'Rat' Flag

Roma Defender Gianluca Mancini Under Investigation for Lazio ‘Rat’ Flag Celebrations

The Italian Football Federation has initiated an investigation into Roma’s Gianluca Mancini following an incident where he waved a flag depicting Lazio fans as ‘rats’ after their victory on Saturday.

Mancini, who scored the decisive goal in Roma’s win over their city rivals at the Stadio Olimpico, celebrated the victory by waving a flag featuring a black rat atop Lazio’s white and sky blue colors.

His actions drew criticism from Lazio captain Ciro Immobile, who described Mancini’s behavior as disrespectful, stating that there are different ways to celebrate, some more tasteful than others.

Mancini was seen running around the perimeter of the stadium’s running track, displaying the flag in front of Roma’s hardcore supporters. Following the incident, the 27-year-old Italy international issued an apology, stating that he did not intend to offend anyone with his actions.

The gesture by Mancini sparked controversy and prompted the Italian Football Federation to launch an investigation into the matter. The federation will examine the incident to determine if any disciplinary action is warranted against the Roma defender.

Mancini’s celebration with the flag has reignited tensions between the two fierce rivals, Roma and Lazio, known for their heated clashes both on and off the pitch. The use of derogatory symbols or gestures aimed at opposing fans is considered highly inflammatory and can escalate tensions between rival supporters.

While Mancini has apologized for his actions, the incident has underscored the need for players to exercise caution and sensitivity, particularly when engaging in celebratory gestures that may provoke or offend rival fans. The outcome of the federation’s investigation will shed light on whether any sanctions will be imposed on Mancini for his actions.

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