Rob Gronkowski Literally Swimming with the Sharks

It is normal to see Rob Gronkowski involved in crazy situations. Instead of his regular party scene that he enjoys, Gronk hit the water this week to dive with Sharks.

The 6’7 tight end joined up in the Shark Week sensation with ESPN’s Sam Alipour to go open-water diving in the Bahamas. They went out to Tiger Beach, a place with a plethora of a shark population. Gronkowski filmed the entire adventure to premier during Shark Week, which is a week in August that is entirely devoted to the feared, gray-colored creature that lurks beneath the ocean depths.

Gronk and Alipour went out during the day, reached their destination, and suited up in scuba gear to get underwater with the sharks. Here is a look at what it was like to dive into a massive shark population without a cage:

The level of calmness that the two display while having the massive underwater beasts swimming right past their faces is unbelievable. I would want to be nowhere near a group of sharks, let alone be in the infested waters of their breeding grounds! Gronkowski is known for being the wild child, but this is a new level of insanity for the New England Patriots player.

This is another accomplishment that Gronk can add to his list. In the sports world, he is a 4-time All-Pro player, a 5-time Pro Bowler and a two-time Super Bowl Champ. Over his seven-year career the tight end has recorded 7179 receiving yards, 474 receptions and 76 TDs. His best season came in 2011 when he put up 17 Touchdowns, to go along with 1327 yards from 90 receptions. He is a dominant presence on the field and apparently, he is as much of a beast on land as he is in water. The sharks acknowledged his presence, as they swam around him not trying to pick a fight.

This is not the first time the Pats player has had an interesting offseason. He has celebrated his Super Bowl wins gloriously, where during the parade he was shirtless in the New England wintertime, celebrating the victory tour by smashing beers against his head and having a blast.

He has been on the party scene as well, dancing and drinking at clubs in Miami, Boston, and most recently at the Ultra Music Festival. Gronk also made an appearance for the WWE in 2017, helping Mojo Rawley at WrestleMania 33. He is no stranger to having an eventful summer, but sharks were a new experience for the 2-time Super Bowl Champ.

Featured Image via Flickr/eltiempo10

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