Rick Pitino Calls It Quits from Coaching

In an interview with ESPN’s Mike Greenberg on the “Get Up” talk show on Wednesday, Rick Pitino declared his retirement from coaching. The Hall of Fame coach has been in the game for 46 years and led two teams to win National Championships. He coached the New York Knicks and the Boston Celtics, but ended up in the collegiate world of basketball.

There were plenty of missteps among his dishonorable history as a coach. In 2009, details of a 2003 affair with the wife of a member of his staff came out. In 2014, sex workers claimed that he had been using escorts for recruits, some of which were under 18.

Pitino’s staff and Adidas allegedly schemed to pay recruit Brian Bowen $100,000 to play and sport Adidas gear. Louisville Athletic Director Tom Jurich was fired for this scandal and the FBI became heavily involved with the case. Bowen attempted to transfer and play for University of South Carolina, but then decided to enter the NBA Draft. When he was not drafted, he joined the Australian NBL’s Sydney Kings. On October 16th, 2017, Louisville fired Pitino.

These scandals caused the NCAA to revoke Louisville’s wins from 2011-12 through 2014-15 seasons. Pitino’s terrible reputation and immoral scandals suggest that schools will have plenty of reasons not to hire him in the future. He sued University of Louisville for wrongful termination and the school countersued him.

Pitino says that he plans to go around and talk to collegiate basketball programs but not coach full time. Pitino released a new book, “Pitino: My Story” and revealed much of his discontent with his role in all of this. Louisville went on to hire Xavier Head Coach, Chris Mack. Last season, Louisville finished with 22-14.

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