PSG threatens for Champions League Run

PSG threatens for Champions League Run

Paris– This season, a regular face in the Champions League competition is looking to take the next step forward and win the Final.

PSG has been in contention for the Champions League title for some time now, but this time the stage is set for them to make a deep run and compete against the likes of Bayern Munich, Real Madrid or Barcelona. Their team is comprised of some All-Star quality players.

Since the days of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, PSG remained in the wings of the world’s greatest club soccer competition. They have tried to re-establish their roster, but have been unable to capture the coveted prize of the Champions League trophy. Their roster has been solid, but they have needed some more key pieces to compete at the highest level. They have dominated the French league, but have lacked during the UCL.

The moves that have been made as of recently have formed the perfect roster. The team had veteran players who have held down the team for the time being, in striker Edison Cavani and center back Thiago Silva. They both represented their respective national teams in this year’s World Cup and were key parts to the success they had. The two will be able to build chemistry with the newcomer teammates.

This past year, the French league team made some huge acquisitions to improve their squad. They signed the Brazilian star Neymar for 200 million euros. This was a well worth the payment, as Neymar is hands-down one of the best forwards in the game, and helped the team reach the round of 16, but suffered from an ankle injury that kept him out of play as PSG lost to Madrid in the round of 16.

Neymar will be looking to compete next season, and he will be alongside the likes of the best young player of the World Cup this year. Kylian Mbappe scored four goals for France as they would pave their way to winning Russia 2018. He is the next top prospect to take the stage, and he has already accomplished a feat that even the best in the game, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, have been unable to accomplish. Neymar and the young Frenchman will be looking to continue their attacking presence next year in the UCL.

In addition to having a stellar offensive game, PSG is looking great on defense. They recently paid for transfer goal keeper and Italian legend Gianluigi Buffon. Buffon has lead Italy, and Juventus for the most of his career. He is still one of the best keepers on the pitch, even though he is now 40 years old. He can provide the keeper ability that has been lacking for the French side since before Ibra was on the team. Now, the team has built a thorough side that can impact the game on both ends.

The team that has been constructed for Paris is looking great for this next season, but they are looking to add on to the impressive roster by acquiring German center back Jerome Boateng. Boateng, like Buffon, has been a defensive anchor for Germany and Bayern Munich. He is lockdown, and also has speed to keep up with top attackers. If PSG can manage to acquire Boateng, the defense would be impassable.

The Champions League will look different next year, as the leading attacker of Real Madrid has left to play at Juventus. Without Cristiano Ronaldo, Madrid will have a lesser chance to repeat as four-time UCL champs. This leaves the field wide open for a new winner of the league. An opening that could see Paris-Saint Germain take over and put the rest of the world on notice.

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