Predicting the NFL’s Most Exciting Offenses for the 2018 Season

Predicting the NFL’s Most Exciting Offenses for the 2018 Season

The NFL has become an offensive-based league in recent years, as many rules have been implemented in order to make the offensive side of the game more favorable. As such, fans have seen an uptick in scoring over the years. However, this year may officially mark the golden age of offense. This year is set to include the introduction of complex yet exotic schemes from brilliant offensive minds, amazing athletes, and the return of the running back. Most teams have some stability at the quarterback position, as well.

In this article, let’s take a look at the teams that I believe will be the most exciting and explosive when it comes to scoring.

Honorable Mentions: Los Angeles Chargers, Pittsburg Steelers, Atlanta Falcons

Los Angeles Rams

This pick is pretty obvious. After years in offensive purgatory, LA led the league in scoring last season. The Rams put up 29.9 points-per-game; comparatively, the team finished last in 2016 at 14 points-per-game. This 15.9-point jump to the top is the first time that a team has gone from last to first in the scoring department. The team’s then-head coach, Sean McVay, completely changed the outlook of the team by bringing a great deal of innovation to the franchise.

He turned 2016’s first overall pick, Jared Goff, from a bust into a Pro-Bowler. He put Todd Gurley back on track and turned him into the Offensive Player of the Year in 2017. The Rams have weapons aside from Gurley in Brandin Cooks, Robert Woods, and Cooper Kupp. Gurley gave the team home-run ability, but Cooks provides them with an explosive downfield threat which they lacked last season.

The Rams were a fast-paced team last year, making them even more entertaining. With a star-studded defense, they should have extra opportunities to put up more points via an increase in turnovers and three-and-outs. Hey, you can’t have a team in Hollywood if you can’t put on a show, right?

Kansas City Chiefs

Much of the offseason talk surrounded the Chiefs due to the wild card that is Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes was just out of college in 2017. Andy Reid moved up to the 10th slot to get him, however, and Reid knows a thing or two about quarterbacks. Mahomes now succeeds solid veteran Alex Smith. The second-year passer gives the team an electric arm and a downfield thrower who is a gunslinger through and through.

The new signal-caller passed his first test. He threw for 256 yards, four touchdowns, and dropped 38 points on an LA Chargers defense– among the best pass defenses in the league last year. Tyreke Hill might be the most electric player in the league with his elite speed and ball skills, and he put on a show Sunday. Hill is on record as saying that Kansas City will have the league’s best offense.

Beyond him, Mahomes will have last year’s rushing leader and dual-threat running back Kareem Hunt. He will also have Travis Kelce, who is arguably the best tight end in the game. Free agent signing Sammy Watkins is a big-bodied downfield threat who has number one receiver potential.

Mahomes has the weapons and the talent. The team averaged 6.1 yards-per-play last season, and fans can expect that number to go up as they work fast and lead the league in big plays (20+ yards.) If everything works out, the Chiefs could have the NFL’s most exciting offense.

Green Bay Packers

Everything will revolve around Rodgers for the Packers this season. The team dropped 24 points in the last 25 minutes after Rodgers returned from his knee injury. Before this play, I believed that number 12 was in line to have his best statistical season to date for numerous reasons. Davante Adams is a stud, and he will break out as a legitimate #1 NFL wideout. Randall Cobb is still there, has great chemistry with Rodgers, and is capable of a big game any weekend.

Free agent Jimmy Graham gives the Packers’ quarterback the best end zone weapon he’s ever had. He also helps to offset the loss of a declining Jordy Nelson. Fans saw what the tight end did with Drew Brees, so expect more of the same with Rodgers. Rodgers loves to work fast out of the no-huddle and take shots downfield, especially when he’s improvising out of the pocket.

New Orleans Saints

If fans expect one thing from the Saints, it’s an elite and fun offense. The team will most likely deliver this, as long as Drew Brees is running Sean Payton’s scheme. The Saints led the league in yards-per-play last season, and they totaled the second-most yards in the game. They also possessed a top-4 scoring offense.

Wide receiver Michael Thomas has another year under his belt, and he should become a full-fledged #1 receiver this season. Running back Alvin Kamara is part of the new dual-threat running back breed. His ability to serve as a receiver of sorts has helped take the team’s offense to another level. Kamara also has a year of experience under his belt.

The team cracked the 40-point barrier in their first game, showing no rust.


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