Potential Landing Destinations for Kevin Durant

One of the most interesting stories of the next offseason would be the focus on superstar Kevin Durant, who will be a free agent. Kevin Durant remains an anomaly to the Warriors, since he already completed his mission of attaining championships and fulfilling on building onto his resume. Durant’s loyalty has always been a question ever since he left the Oklahoma City Thunder squad to the team that eliminated him in the payoffs. There are several teams who are frontrunners to sign this two-time reigning Finals MVP.

Los Angeles Lakers

Lakers have the assets to dump or trade away for cash considerations to sign Kevin Durant. Not only that, but Kevin Durant might want to expand his business ventures to include not only technology industries but also the entertainment industry. Not only that, but he will have the opportunity to form potentially one of the greatest duos of all-time with one of the greats in the game in LeBron James. This squad would have multiple looks of facing the dominant Warriors in the regular season and might even see each other in the playoffs.

Boston Celtics

Celtics have one of the scariest duos with a lot of young talent in their roster. If Durant joins this team, he would have the services of multiple all-stars that he never worked with, and that could spark a new interest and passion into playing in the league. Since the Eastern Conference competition is growing with the movement of Jimmy Butler to Philadelphia 76ers and Milwaukee Bucks’ growth of Greek Freak, Durant will have a challenge making it to the NBA Finals.

New York Knicks

Kevin Durant would have the chance to play with a young team with massive potential in the biggest, brightest stage in the world in Madison Square Garden. Having the opportunity to play for the brightest lights could definitely intrigue him to move to the Big Apple, where major corporations may look to recruit him for partnerships. With this move, he could be the focal point of the team once again and still have help from the Unicorn.

Philadelphia 76ers

76ers is one of the fastest-growing teams in the league, drafting two arguably Hall-of-Famers in Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons and then signing one of the most versatile, two-way guards in the league in Jimmy Butler. If Durant joins this team, this is the closest team to another dynasty waiting to happen, although the bench unit is a concern in this squad.

Golden State Warriors

Why leave something that is revolutionary and historic? Kevin Durant can continue to build onto his legacy as one of the greatest, playing with passionate and driven players who are determined to win championships year after year as a unit. Kevin Durant is already feeling comfortable under the system, and his teammates can help reduce the load and burden of the offense and defense ends of the game.

Oklahoma City Thunder

Seems after the Thunder game that the friendship between Durant and Westbrook has been restored and that their hatred to each other following Durant’s decision has moved on. Durant will have more help than ever before if he returns with Dennis Schroder and Paul George, two powerhouse scorers, alongside one of the most athletic and versatile point guards in the game of his former pal Russell Westbrook. He would remain in contention for the NBA title if he chooses to come back for a reunion.

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