Odell Will Not Hold Out at Training Camp

It has not, at any point, been a secret that Odell Beckham Jr. wants a long-term contract as he is heading into the final year of his rookie deal with the New York Giants this fall.

OBJ has been one of the biggest contributors at the wide receiver position since his debut season. He’s one of the best overall athletes in the contemporary sports world and has the numbers and highlights to back that statement up.

Odell wanted to start discussing a contract last offseason, but ultimately let that notion go, which came back to bite him when he had a season-ending ankle injury last year.

Given the way Odell is covered, it wouldn’t have surprised anybody to hear that he would hold out of Giants’ training camp until he has a new deal, but that is not the case, here.

According to reports by NFL Network, Odell will, in fact, not hold out of new head coach Pat Shurmur’s first training camp and will report on time.

Odell, as bad as his reputation is, has never actually put himself above the team on a large scale. He sometimes doesn’t think through his actions, such as when he did the dog urinating celebration, but he is not actually harming anyone with those actions.

Odell hasn’t gotten in trouble off the field once since entering the NFL, he is one of the hardest working players in the league, and he has been one of the most productive players in the league since he became a member of it. It’s time for the Giants to pay him.


Featured Image via Flickr/Erik Drost

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