NHL Playoffs Off to Good Start!

NHL Playoffs Off to Good Start!

This past weekend was one for the books, as the NHL playoffs continue to determine which two teams will eventually rally for the Stanley Cup. There were some serious developments over the past few days as select teams scored a ticket to the next round of games. Not only are teams beginning to strategize their future plays and routes, but also fans are beginning to place some serious bets as to who will win upcoming games and ultimately the championship game.

Recent reports have seen an influx of sports betting within the Vegas circuit as the cities home team the Golden Knights have a good shot at winning the cup. With some supporters making early bets ranging from 500 to 1, to 200 to 1, for the odds that the new team will prevail in the final rounds of the championship.  The bets have good standing for now, as the team shutout the Los Angeles Kings, winning all four games to advance to the next round.

Another team that has been dominating the playoffs is fellow division rivals, the San Jose Sharks, who played with equal spunk as they won their round in just four games against the Ducks. The Winnipeg Jets won their series in five games, which was similar to the Tampa Bay Lightning, as both teams lost their third game against the round 1 opponent, only to come back with more intensity to win the final two games. The demeanor of both winning teams has proved to need that extra push of competitive nature to advance forward.

Of the conference teams, which came back in the sixth round of their series, the Nashville Predators have won the first round against the Colorado Avalanches. In a very similar pattern of losses and wins, the Pittsburgh Penguins have gone to advance in their Eastern conference. With the Capitals turning around their luck against the Blue Jackets, having lost their first two games in overtime, late Monday night they had a victorious win and closed out the first round at the rivals home rink.

The Bruins suffered a surprising loss on Monday, as they had started with a two-game lead against the Toronto Maple Leafs. The Maple Leafs won the sixth game at home, to leave both teams with three wins. This is the only first-round matchup to enter a seventh game, which indicates that both teams will need to take the daybreak to strategize and bring their all. As this next round of matches heats up, one can predict that the bets will begin to increase.

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