NFL Speculation

NFL Speculation

Big News and Speculation Going on this NFL Season

It has been quite a week of news for the NFL, as some major players have been under speculation for whether they would return for the upcoming season of football with their former teams- such as Gronkowski, Dez Bryant, and Todd Gurley.

News broke on Tuesday that the Los Angeles Rams would be exercising their fifth-year options to bring back their cornerback Marcus Peters, as well as their running back Todd Gurley. With Gurley being signed on during the 2015 draft, he has committed to a definitive future with the Rams, indicating that he will be able to cash in a sweet five-year bonus once the 2019 season has come and gone. The same reflects onto the strong cornerback Peters, who also will be able to access that bonus, given he will stay with the team.

Some of the best news that has reached the sports headlines is that beloved Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots, will be back to practice and return for the 2018 season. There was quite a lot of speculation behind his potential return, as many believed that he was looking to retire, at the mere age of twenty-nine. The tight end joined his agent in a meeting with seasoned coach Belichick to express his intent to return for the season. It seems that although Rob has spent much of his off-season partying with various celebrities and being his typical joker self, he has also managed to make training a priority.

Rob personally expressed his intention return to the championship team on Instagram Tuesday evening.  He has been a vital part of the team, having been with them for the past eight years, with this season marking his ninth. It would have been a shame to see him retire before veteran Brady, so it is all good news for the Patriot fans.

Unfortunately with good news also comes the bad, as many Dallas Cowboys fans were disappointed to hear the news delivered by their owner Jerry Jones mid-day Tuesday. It seems as though the team has no interest in the reunion of their wide receiver Dez Bryant. The decision has occurred because it both saves money for the team as far as the capping fees are concerned, and it also opens up the opportunity to introduce some new talent, as the player’s catch percentage has declined in recent years. This is tough news for Bryant, as his eight-season streak playing for the team has come to an end. No doubt this news will be leaving many fans disappointed. Dez will most likely be looking at new teams to play for, and if he doesn’t find any prospects in need of an experienced wide receiver, he may find himself in a forced retirement scenario.

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