NFL players become literal Heroes

NFL players become literal Heroes

San Antonio TX— As great as they are on the field, NFL players Josh Norman and Demario Davis were able to create an unforgettable moment on Wednesday as they gave aid to children stuck in detention centers.

Norman, a cornerback for the Carolina Panthers, teamed up with New Orleans Saints linebacker Demario Davis and the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (RAICES) to help deliver food, clothing, coloring books and more to the children. The expenses cost more than $10,000 for the athletes, but the effort that they gave to help out those in need is nothing short of priceless.

“We walked into the place and you could see how broken they were,” Norman said. “So disheartened. They don’t know where they are, really. Then we brought out the book bags and it was like flipping a light switch. You could see the darkness replaced by light and the joy.” (Via USA Today) The two NFL players were able to save the day on Wednesday by becoming detention center Santa to the boys and girls who were in the difficult predicament. The journey was long and tough, but at the end of day it was all worth it.

Norman said that God had a helpful hand in getting him to Texas to resolve the situation. In the late hours of one night, Norman was looking at the reports of the horrifying scene that was occurring on the United States’ southwestern border. The Lord told him to go, and he followed suit. Lauren Phillips, who helps him with charitable work got Norman in contact with RAICES. They are a non-profit organization that help detained people get from the centers to temporary shelters, providing a system to understand the legal process and how to enter the country, and then bus them to family members already residing within the United States.

Once becoming more familiar with RAICES, Norman then went to Davis to team up for the cause. Both of the players are members of the Players Coalition, which are players who make contributions to helping society when in need. Norman donated $100,000 grand to the relief effort for Puerto Rico last year while Davis overlooks children’s outreaches in Jackson Miss. This trip that Davis and Norman made was during the tail-end of their vacation from work. Instead of lounging around and enjoying their time off, they decided to travel to aid those who couldn’t support themselves. The two are both humble players who see past the stardom and large contracts that the NFL brings to the table, and want to use their wealth to bring a positive impact to society, which is something great to see in today’s world of sports.

Norman and Davis then went to work, flying out to Texas, and then buying more supplies then they could even fit into their hotel room. They packed as much as possible, and then traveled to meet up with RAICES staffers along with the children. It was like I said before, a Christmas morning for the children on a warm day in the middle of June. They couldn’t be any happier knowing someone gave them some light to help them find the end of the tunnel. The players ended up taking more mothers and children to a restaurant to eat and after that made another trip for supplies for more families coming later in the day.

Josh Norman and Demario Davis deserve all the credit in the world. It takes a strong mentality and a decent amount of courage to stand up and act in response to terrible situations that are happening and created by this country. “We can all sit on social media and comment,” Davis said. “But stop commenting behind screens. Take action.”

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