NFL Cuts Corey Coleman – Again

NFL Cuts Corey Coleman – Again

The New England Patriots seem to just be cycling through wide receivers. They are nonstop picking up and releasing players to match the playing style of quarterback Tom Brady. The most recent of these exchanges is Corey Coleman.

Coleman was originally drafted to the Cleveland Browns in the first round of the draft in 2016. During his draft, the Browns passed on now star Eagles quarterback, Carson Wentz. He played at Baylor in college, and people had high hopes for him going into the NFL. Unfortunately, since then, he has not been able to cut it.

Coleman produced five touchdowns and 56 catches for 718 yards for the Cleveland Browns over two seasons. Browns head coach Hugh Jackson made the decision to move Coleman to second string in August, but Coleman’s response was terribly unsportsmanlike. He told coaches to move him back up to a starter or trade him. And so they traded him. Coleman moved to the Buffalo Bills next on August 5th.

In early September, the Bills released Coleman again, and then the New England Patriots stepped in. It took the Patriots staff a day to work out a deal, but then cut him a week later. And then they resigned him three days later. Julian Edelman, one of the Patriot’s top wide receivers is coming off a four game suspension. This prompted the Patriots to get rid of Coleman again on Saturday. This has definitely been an interesting career for Corey Coleman so far.

Aside from Edelman, the Patriots can rely on another former Cleveland Browns player, Josh Gordon, and a former Indianapolis Colts’ Phillip Dorsett. The Patriots won on Sunday against the Miami Dolphins (38-7) to advance their record to 2-2. Up next, they play the Colts on Thursday at 8:20 p.m. EST.

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