Newcastle United Star’s Home Targeted by Burglars

Newcastle United Star's Home Targeted by Burglars

Newcastle United Star’s Home Targeted by Burglars

A car has reportedly been stolen from the home of Newcastle United striker Alexander Isak after burglars broke in.

According to The Sun newspaper, the incident occurred at Isak’s residence in Darras Hall, Northumberland. Northumbria Police responded to a burglary on the estate around 22:05 BST, stating that the break-in likely occurred earlier in the day, with the perpetrators taking a vehicle from the address.

The stolen vehicle was later discovered abandoned in the Dissington area, with the occupants having fled the scene. No arrests have been made, and authorities are appealing for information regarding the incident.

It remains unclear whether Isak or his family were present at the time of the burglary. The incident occurred just two days before Isak played in Newcastle United’s 1-0 victory over Fulham in London. The club has been contacted for comment on the matter.

This incident follows a similar burglary at the home of Isak’s teammate Joelinton three months earlier, also located in the Darras Hall estate. Joelinton received a security alert on his phone during the burglary, although he was not at home at the time.

The break-in at Isak’s home adds to concerns about security in the area, especially considering it occurred just months after Joelinton’s home was targeted. While Joelinton was fortunate not to be at home during the burglary, the incidents highlight the importance of robust security measures for Premier League players and their families.

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