NBA Releases Annual Rookie Survey

NBA Releases Annual Rookie Survey

The NBA released its annual rookie survey on Tuesday, including answers from 36 incoming players about players in or coming into the league.

The players answered ten questions in total, some about their own draft class and some about their opinion on established players in the league. Many of the questions had more than a dozen different answers.

The rookies voted Phoenix Suns center, and number one overall pick, DeAndre Ayton and Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Collin Sexton for Rookie of the Year, with each receiving 18 percent of the votes. Dallas Mavericks point guard Luka Doncic and New York Knicks small forward Kevin Knox each received nine percent of the votes to tie for second place.

Although Ayton and Sexton received votes for Rookie of the Year, neither were expected by their draft class to have the best overall career of rookies. Chicago Bulls center Wendell Carter Jr took first spot for the best career among his draft class with 13 percent of the votes, while Knox and Los Angeles Clippers shooting guard Jermone Robinson came in second with 10 percent.

Many of the rest of the questions focused on the rookies’ abilities and talents. Zhaire Smith, small forward for the Philadelphia 76ers, was voted most athletic among the rookies while Memphis Grizzlies point guard Jevon Carter was voted the best defender. Atlanta Hawks point guard Trae Young was voted both the best shooter and the best playmaker among the incoming rookie class.

The rookies also got to vote for their favorite player already in the league, with Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James receiving the number one spot with 29 percent of all votes. Golden State Warriors teammates, point guard Stephen Curry and forward Kevin Durant came in tied for second with nine percent of the rookies’ votes.


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