NBA Playoffs 2024 Update: Qualified Teams, Standings & Play-in Tournament Recap

NBA Playoffs 2024 Update: Qualified Teams, Standings & Play-in

NBA Playoffs 2024 Update: Qualified Teams, Standings & Play-in Tournament Recap

After a thrilling seven-month regular season, the NBA is now gearing up for the playoffs. Twelve teams have secured their spots, and the final four will be determined through the play-in tournament, which will feature marquee names like LeBron James and Steph Curry.

In the Eastern Conference, teams such as the Boston Celtics, New York Knicks, Milwaukee Bucks, and Cleveland Cavaliers have clinched their playoff berths. Meanwhile, the Western Conference sees the likes of the Oklahoma City Thunder, defending champions Denver Nuggets, and the Phoenix Suns among the qualifiers.

The play-in tournament, slated from Tuesday to Friday, will feature teams finishing seventh and tenth place in each conference. Teams ranked seventh and eighth will contend for a playoff spot, as will those in ninth and tenth place. Winners advance to secure the seventh and eighth seeds, respectively.

The matchups are as follows:

Eastern Conference:

  • Miami Heat vs. Philadelphia 76ers (7th/8th)
  • Atlanta Hawks vs. Chicago Bulls (9th/10th)

Western Conference:

  • Los Angeles Lakers vs. New Orleans Pelicans (7th/8th)
  • Golden State Warriors vs. Sacramento Kings (9th/10th)

Following the play-in tournament, the playoffs will commence on April 20th. The format features a best-of-seven series, with matchups determined by seedings. Top teams like the Boston Celtics and Oklahoma City Thunder are poised to make deep runs, while others like the Denver Nuggets aim to defend their title.

The NBA Finals will kick off on June 6th, with subsequent games scheduled every three days. The competition promises excitement, with standout teams like the Celtics eyeing an end to their title drought and the Nuggets aiming for consecutive championships. With the stage set, basketball enthusiasts eagerly await the unfolding drama of the postseason.

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