NBA Playoff Semi Finals

NBA Playoff Semi Finals


Exciting and Unpredictable NBA Playoffs Comes Down to Final Four Teams

 It is a week filled with excitement in the sports world as the NBA playoff and the NHL playoffs are coming to taper. The conference semi-finals are coming to a close, and it is becoming clear which teams are excelling over one another.

It has been easy breezy for the Cleveland Cavaliers, as they shut down the semifinals against the Toronto Raptors in just four games. The Cavaliers proved that they had what it takes, with player LeBron James dominating the four games. In the final game with the score being 93- 128, the Cleveland player scored twenty nine of those points, and in game three he scored a remarkable thirty eight points. Kevin Love has been another key element to their success, as well as their overall skill and ability for both defense and offensive moves.

In the matchup between the Houston Rockets and the Utah Jazz, there was a clear difference in skill sets as the Rockets won the series in four to one win. The Rockets could not have succeeded as much if they had not had their front runner Chris Paul, as he overtook the fourth quarter of the last game with forty one points. Paul works well with fellow teammate P.J. Tucker, and one can only hope they will be able to continue their success against the reigning Golden State Warriors.

Things are looking up for the Californian team, as they find themselves in the Final four, a bit of deja-vu from last year. The Golden State Warriors beat the New Orleans Pelicans in yet again another four to one series, and it was no surprise that it was much to blame of the amazing teamwork between veterans Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant, with a total of fifty two points combined we can see they are a match made in heaven. Between the team’s ability to both rebound and assist on shots, they will be serious contenders for another NBA Final win. It is predicted that the NBA Finals will be between the Golden State Warriors, and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Unfortunately as far as predictions will go, the hopeful Philadelphia 76ers who impressively beat the Heat in the previous round, did not show off the same skills in the games against the Boston Celtics, who won the series in a four to one, leading them to advance to play the Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference.  Time will only tell whether the matchup between Brew Bledsoe and Rozier will be able to defend and excel against players such as LeBron James.

As the playoffs into the semifinals had some clearly stronger teams, there was not a single series that went into game seven. This next week will no doubt be both interesting as well as disappointing for some teams which have been used to winning.

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