Nate Diaz to Apply for Boxing License in Nevada

UFC fighter Nate Diaz is intending to apply for a boxing license in the state of Nevada, days after rival Connor McGregor announced he was given one in California.

Nevada State Athletic Commission director Bob Bennett confirmed to ESPN that Diaz has already begun the process, as well as paying the $50,000 fine for a bottle-throwing incident with McGregor at the UFC 202 press conference back in August.

Bennett told ESPN the Nevada State Athletic Commission has received his application and required information, and is looking to approve his license shortly.

“We welcome Nate and his older brother, Nick to fight in Las Vegas whether it’s with the UFC or a boxing promoter,” Bennett said.

Along with the required licenses and paperwork, Diaz has also sent videos of his workouts and practices to the commission for further review.

According to ESPN, Diaz has declined any comment regarding the license.

Diaz previously told ESPN that he is not interested in fighting any UFC matches except for McGregor.

This is not the first time the two have tried to outdo each other. McGregor and Diaz fought two times last year, Diaz winning the first and McGregor getting even in the rematch.

McGregor moved on from his victory over Diaz to win the UFC lightweight championship in November.

Sounds like Diaz is looking for another round with McGregor, and this is his way of letting him know.

Diaz is 19-11, with his last match being a loss against McGregor at the UFC 202. If Diaz doesn’t watch out he might be adding another loss to his record.

McGregor hasn’t commented on Diaz’s retaliation, but he seems to be doing just fine and keeping focus on his goals. After all, he did win a championship.

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