Mourinho endures a ‘worst start’ as Roma’s struggles continue

Following AS Roma’s 4-1 loss against Genoa on Thursday, which left them hanging above the Serie A relegation zone, Jose Mourinho said that this is the worst start to a season of his managerial career.

Roma is now 16th in Serie A, but Mourinho has led the team to back-to-back European finals. Roma won the Europa Conference League in 2022 and fell to Sevilla in the Europa League final earlier this year.

It’s also my worst season-opening performance as a coach. Before last season, Roma hadn’t, in my opinion, ever participated in two consecutive European finals.

Roma has only won one of their six league games so far, and Mourinho’s situation is made worse by an expanding injury list, especially in defense.

We need stability when key players are absent, he claimed. But it wouldn’t be accurate to say that losing this or that player is causing our stability to deteriorate.

The squad as a whole, namely what occurs when we lose possession and when we drop deeper, is to blame for our lack of defensive consistency.

Roma’s next match is against Frosinone Calcio on Sunday, and then on October 5, they play Servette in the Europa League. According to Mourinho, there is no use in stewing over their issues because they have two games left.

For better or worse, this is the team we are working with. He said there is no time to be sad; we must go on.

Because it genuinely impacts me emotionally, especially given my relationship with the fans, I could express my thoughts privately.

We’ll start working hard for our upcoming game the day after tomorrow. It’s not like we’re already in a six-point zone, but there will only be three points on the line; this is a crucial game for us right now.

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