Mark Henry Explains Why WWE Put the world title on him.

Mark Henry

Mark Henry has discussed his reign as the WWE world champion and the reasons for Vince McMahon’s prophecy that the public would adore him.

Henry‘s only world title reign with the WWE came from September 2011 to December 2011. Henry was the world heavyweight champion. Henry, AEW, discussed the championship reign on the “A to Z Podcast.”

“My entire campaign of not trying to be the guy was the foundation for my victory,” Henry remarked. “Every time I lost, the audience would yell, ‘Bulls***, no, that ain’t right,’ and eventually they would have to make the correct decision. They were compelled to act morally by my profession.”

Later on, the WWE Hall of Famer revealed what McMahon had informed him before he defeated Randy Orton for the championship at the 2011 Night of Champions event.

Henry recounted his chat with McMahon, saying, “Well, I guess, since the crowd turns on us every time you lose, I guess you’re going over tonight.”

Paul Wight, Christian Cage, Bryan Danielson, and other former WWE stars were among the opponents Henry faced while defending the championship. Wight eventually defeated Henry at the 2011 TLC: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs event. During his tenure in the WWE, Henry also held the WWF European Championship and the ECW Heavyweight Championship.

In August 1999, he won the WWF European Championship, his first professional championship. In 2008, he won the ECW Heavyweight Championship.

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