Liverpool’s Salah calls for end to ‘massacres’ in Gaza

Mohamed Salah, a forward for Liverpool, demanded a halt to the “massacres” in Gaza on Wednesday and demanded that humanitarian supplies be allowed to enter the beleaguered Palestinian territory immediately.

After receiving harsh criticism in his home in Egypt for being mute on the subject for more than a week, Salah posted a video message on his social media platforms addressing the ongoing Israel-Hamas war for the first time.

According to the Gaza Health Ministry, since Oct. 7, when the Palestinian militant group Hamas broke into Israeli communities, murdering 1,400 people and seizing hundreds of hostages, at least 3,478 Palestinians have died, and 12,065 have been wounded as a result of Israeli airstrikes on Gaza.

After the border region was bombed four times on Tuesday, Egyptian trucks delivering supplies to Gaza came closer to the Rafah border crossing. Still, it was unclear when or if they would be allowed to enter the enclave. Egypt is attempting to secure security guarantees from Israel.

On Wednesday, the Israeli government declared that although it would not prevent aid from Egypt from reaching Gaza, it would prevent it from reaching Hamas.

“Speaking at this time is not always simple; there has been too much bloodshed and sad brutality. All lives are holy and must be safeguarded, according to Salah.

“The mass killings must end; families are being destroyed. Gaza needs to receive humanitarian help right away. People there live in appalling conditions.


Over the last week, Salah has come under fire from some Egyptian soccer fans who felt he should have spoken out in favor of Palestinians. Some others launched a campaign online to stop following him on social media.

The 31-year-old received more criticism after a bombing on Tuesday in Gaza that claimed hundreds of Palestinian lives. Israel and Hamas swapped accusations over who was at fault.

“Last night’s hospital scenes were frightening. Salah continued that the people of Gaza critically need food, water, and medical supplies.

“I’m urging the world’s top officials to band together to stop the further massacre of helpless people. The human race must triumph.

Salah has six goals this season in 10 appearances for Liverpool across all leagues, including five in the Premier League.

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