Liverpool’s Klopp turns peacemaker, uses ‘age’ to calm down De Zerbi

Juergen Klopp took on the role of the justice of the peace when he intervened to calm down Roberto de Zerbi, the manager of Brighton & Hove Albion, following a heated argument with referees on the sidelines of a 2-2 Premier League tie.

At the Amex Stadium, in the 69th minute, when Brighton was refused a penalty after Kaoru Mitoma’s effort touched the arm of Liverpool’s Virgil van Dijk, referee Anthony Taylor sent De Zerbi a yellow card for his protest.

After receiving a booking, the Italian manager kept objecting, so Klopp got involved and tried to calm him down.

The 56-year-old Klopp, who has had multiple run-ins with officials, told reporters that he “used my age at the moment when he got a bit outraged and tried to calm him down.”

“I just realized that there is a time when there is no turning back if I am in a situation like this.

“I believe he was on the verge of doing it when I attempted to calm him down. You may ask him, but I think he may have told me something about the punishment, even though I am unsure if he required it. I believe he desired a punishment.

When asked about the incident, De Zerbi told the media: “I love Klopp and he can do what he wants, because I have big respect for him and I consider him as one of the best coaches in the world,” De Zerbi said.

“I appreciate how he acts, and I almost always concur when he says something. I believe there was a clear consequence in the case. I expressed to the referee what I believed positively.

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