Liga MX Apertura 2018: Seventeenth Round

Liga MX Apertura 2018: Seventeenth Round

The official last round of the Liga MX Apertura 2018 League begins November 23rd, with Club Cruz Azul set to face off Club Morelia at 8:00 PM Eastern Time. This round is critical in where we will get the definite set top eight teams who move on to the playoffs. Entering the seventeenth round we have a clear defined set five teams who are guaranteed a spot with the top eight. These teams consist of, Club Cruz Azul, America, Pumas, and Monterey. As for the remaining three spots within the top eight we see Club Tigres, Toluca, and Monarcas all in vulnerable positions to secure their spot within the top eight. Beginning with Tigres, who is currently in sixth place, currently has twenty-six points. “Los Felinos”, as Club Tigres is nicknamed, are set to face off against Club Chivas, who is currently in eleventh place with twenty points. This game is crucial for Club Tigres in where it will guarantee them a spot within the top eight and the playoffs.

Now, Club Toluca, who is in seventh place with twenty six points as well, is set to face off with Club Lobos BUAP who is currently in fourteenth place with sixteen points. Similarly to Club Tigres this game is critical in winning. For even a draw will see Toluca falling out of the top eight. As for Club Morelia, who is currently in eighth place with twenty five points, they are set to face off against Club Cruz Azul, who is currently the leagues leaderboard leader with currently being in first place with 33 points. This match is critical for Club Morelia to stay within the top eight bracket and advance to the playoffs. However, with not an easy task, Club Cruz Azul will be playing to keep their first place position. The first place position for Club Cruz Azul would mean that they would be facing off against the eight place team for the first round in the playoffs, an opportunity Club Cruz Azul will not let slide. Moving on to potential contenders who can still possibly make it to the top eight, we have Club Pachuca and Queretaro who are currently both tied with twenty three points.

Beginning with Club Pachuca, who is set to face off against Club Leon, a win would leave them at twenty six points, with if Club Morelia loses, would give them an opening to the eighth place spot within the league. Club Queretaro is set to face off against Club Veracruz, and if Club Morelia happens to lose, and Club Pachuca manages to either lose or draw, Queretaro would find itself with an opening to secure a spot within the top eight. This last round is critical in defining the top eight teams, however the game with the most profound impact on the leaderboard would have to be the first game of the seventeenth round consisting of Club Cruz Azul facing off against Club Morelia. A loss for Morelia would definitely shake things up, with allowing two teams the opportunity to possibly replace Morelia in the eight place position. Not only but as well as give Club Cruz Azul a favorable position going into the playoffs. The Liga MX Apertura 2018 Leagues seventeenth round begins on November 23rd, 8:00 PM Eastern time, with Club Cruz Azul facing off against Club Morelia, in what will be definitely the game to watch for the round.

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