Liga MX Apertura 2018: Fifteenth Round Results

Liga MX Apertura 2018: Fifteenth Round Results

The fifteenth round of the Liga MX Apertura League was filled with a set of leaderboard shifts. As the league begins to wind down and intensity is beginning to pick up, the league finds itself only 2 rounds away in which only the top 8 teams will be remaining. The leaderboard is quite close in terms of the top 8 with the 8-10th place positions all being tied in terms of points: the 3 teams being Club Pachuca, Morelia, and Queretaro. Ironically enough all 3 teams within the fifteenth round of the Apertura 2018, were able to secure wins and keep up each other at an even 22 points each. Club Tigres, who is currently in 7th place was able to secure win and propel itself up the leaderboard, however isn’t quite safe either, with only being a single point behind Club Pachuca, Morelia, and Queretaro.

Club Monterey saw itself secure a victory against Club Veracruz, who is notably is in last place with 9 points, and climb the leaderboard and land themselves in 6th place with 26 points. In quite arguably one of the best of matches of the fifteenth round, Club America and Club Toluca faced off, in which ultimately ended in a draw. This match resulted in Toluca going up a single position in the leaderboard being in 5th place with 26 points, and America retaining its position in 2nd place within the leaderboard with 29 points. Fellow rivals, Club Cruz Azul and Pumas were set to go against one another in the fifteenth round, with Club Cruz Azul being on top.

The game ultimately ended with Club Cruz Azul securing a win and retaining their position in 1st place within the leaderboard and Pumas staying at 4th place with 26 points. The race to stay within the top 8 currently is a tight race. Not only are the 8th-10th place currently tied points-wise, but as well as the current 4th-6th place teams in Club Pumas, Toluca, and Monterrey are tied with 26 points. Currently, it seems as though within the top ten teams of the league it can be any bodies game with a loss or a draw causing major shifts within the leaderboard currently. The sixteenth round of the Liga MX Apertura 2018 begins November 9th and will end November 11, with sixteenth rounds first game beginning with Club Veracruz facing off against the “Gallos Blancos” of Queretaro at 8:00 PM Eastern Time.

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