Liga MX Apertura 2018: America vs Santos Laguna

Liga MX Apertura 2018: America vs Santos Laguna

The sixteenth round of the Liga MX Apertura 2018 League was filled with a lot of monumental games, however, within this round we saw two top teams within the league, consisting of Club America and Santos Laguna, facing off. Club America was set to face off against Santos Laguna on November 11th. This game is known to be one of the many classics in the league. Statistically speaking, Club America is seen to win 50 percent of its games, with Santos Laguna winning 23 percent of its games with America, then with 27 percent of the games being left in a draw. Thus game was critical for both teams, in where a win for either team would guarantee either team a better position within the playoffs as well as being within the top eight in the league.

The much anticipated match between two top contenders of the league, saw Club America take quite a dominant approach within the first fifteen minutes of the game, within the first minute Club America was able to almost secure a goal. With Santos Laguna playing on the defensive, Jose Abella, a defender for Santos Laguna, received a yellow card for a defensive play against Henry Martin, a forward for Club America, within the fifteenth mark of the game. Within the twenty six mark of the game, Santos Laguna went on the offensive with Osvaldo Martinez making an attempt at a goal. Augustin Marchesin, a goal keeper for Club America, was able to make a save to prevent the possible first goal of the game.

As the game carried on we steadily saw the pace of the game slow down a bit, however neither team showed any weakness in terms of their defense. Noting this, Santos Laguna on the attack attempted to approach the goal area with player Luis Reyes having none of it. In quite the defensive play, Luis Reyes, a defender for Club America, was able to halt the play, however not without receiving a yellow card within the 40 minute mark. The first half of the game ended in a draw. As the game resumed, the intensity of the game within the second half began to pick up. Within the fifty minute mark of the game, Santos Laguna was presented with an opportunity at a corner kick. Julio Furch, a forward for Santos Laguna, was able to take advantage and assists with a header which angled the ball towards the goal post, in which it was made impossible for Augustin Marchesin to do anything about. This ultimately resulted in the first goal of the game, with Santos Laguna having a single point.

The pressure immediately was set on Club America to recover. Within the sixty-second mark of the game, Bruno Valdez with a field kick, was able to score the second goal of the game, with Jonathan Orozco, the goalkeeper for Santos Laguna, not being able to do much to stop the play. The game was now set in a draw with both teams picking up in intensity. Within the sixty-ninth minute mark of the game Julio Furch, of Santos Laguna, shot a vicious field kick towards Augustin Marchesin who was able to accurately block the attempt at a goal. America not wanting to stand idle retaliated similarly with Roger Martinez making an attempt at a goal within the seventy sixth minute mark of the game. With both teams vying to score the third goal of the game, the match ultimately end in a draw with both teams respectively having score a single goal. The results of the game saw Club America retain its second place position within the leagues leaderboard and Santos Laguna, unfortunately go down a single position within the leaderboard residing in fourth place with twenty-nine points. The game posed several question for the two top contenders of the league. Will Club America be able to usurp the first place position from Club Cruz Azul, and will Santos Laguna be able to recover and climb the leaderboard with this upcoming seventeenth round. With both teams being safe to transition and enter the playoffs, who will be in the better position for their first round game as well.

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