JA Happ Has Hand Foot and Mouth Disease

JA Happ Has Hand Foot and Mouth Disease

Newly-acquired lefty JA Happ was sent home by the New York Yankees because he has contracted hand, foot, and mouth disease, Brian Cashman announced on Tuesday.

This disease is fairly common among children before the age of five or so, but now two MLB pitchers have gotten it very recently: Happ and Mets’ righty Noah Syndergaard.

Happ is still scheduled to make his scheduled start for the Yankees on Saturday against the Red Sox, but if he is not good to go then the Yankees will likely turn to another newcomer, Lance Lynn, https://sportsvolt.com/yankees-make-pair-of-trades/9277 to make the start.

Hopefully Happ can just make the appearance and we don’t have to worry about it. He was awesome in his debut on Sunday against the Kansas City Royals, tossing six innings and allowing just one run.

Happ is a big time stabilizer as the third, fourth, or fifth starter, depending on how you count it, so if he were to potentially miss the start, that wouldn’t be favorable, especially when you account for his 2.98 career ERA against the Boston Red Sox.

That’s why the Yankees got Lynn, though, I suppose. They plan on using him primarily as a multi-inning threat out of the bullpen, but they know he can be their sixth starter, whether that be as a replacement for an injury or as a sixth man to get everyone some extra rest.

Either way, the Yankees figure to be able to handle it this time around, but hopefully Happ wouldn’t miss more than just this one start. Cashman said he has a mild case and still has a very good chance of making this appearance, so it would be a big blow if they lose him for multiple times through the rotation.


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