Inter’s Lukaku wants action from Serie A on racist abuse

Inter's Lukaku wants action from Serie A on racist abuse

After receiving racist insults during Tuesday’s Coppa Italia match against Juventus, Inter Milan striker Romelu Lukaku has requested that Serie A take appropriate action. The Turin side has claimed that they are working with the authorities to identify individuals who committed the abuse. Lukaku earned Inter a point with a late penalty kick that tied the score at 1—but as he celebrated, he was dismissed for making a provocative gesture at the Juventus supporters who had been berating him and calling him names. The sports agency that represents Lukaku, Roc Nation, issued a statement demanding an apology from Juventus and describing the abuse as “beyond terrible.” Since then, Juventus has said that they are collaborating with the authorities to find the abusers.

Lukaku has experienced racial abuse in Italy before. In 2019, he was also the focus of insulting chanting, which he denounced in a social media statement at the time. He demanded action against racism in football in reaction to the most recent incident, saying the league should seize the chance to address the problem. The authorities have come under fire for not doing more to prevent racism, which has been a recurring issue in Italian football. Serie A has published a statement denouncing racism and announcing that offenders would be permanently barred from their respective facilities, although they did not specifically mention Lukaku in the statement.


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