Iggy Azalea Insists She is Single Following Reports of a Relationship With DeAndre Hopkins

Iggy Azalea Insists She is Single Following Reports of a Relationship With DeAndre Hopkins

There was talk that Iggy Azalea and Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins were seeing one another after the Austrailian rapper confirmed the suspicions on Miami’s Y100 radio channel, saying “Yeah, we’re in a relationship.”

Hopkins had also posted a picture captioned, “My Aussies call me legend.” Azalea, an Australian native, responded to the two-time Pro-Bowler by saying, “I could think of a few other things to call you.”

Despite this claim, the tides seem to have turned, as both Hopkins and Azalea now claim to be single. Hopkins took to social media to clear up this matter by saying: “Y’all know I can care less about social media, but ya boi is SINGLE!!” Azalea would follow his lead with a few tweets of her own to say the two are not romantically involved.

This tweet came only one day after saying the two were dating, which comes as a surprise to many as their fans thought they would make a cute couple. Iggy says that she doesn’t need a man to be happy and that she expects to be single indefinitely.

This is likely due to the heartbreak she endured following her broken off engagement with NBA champion Nick Young, A.K.A. Swaggy P. Young’s former teammate De’Angelo Russell has taken a video of Young admitting to cheating on his fiance without knowledge of being recorded, which eventually led to their split.

It’s unclear whether the two stars were ever dating or if this was just a publicity stunt. However, the flirtatious nature of their comments led several to believe their relationship may not have been romantic, but purely sexual.

Whether they were together or not, it’s certainly over now.


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