Draymond Green Denies Fight with Tristan Thompson

Despite several reports claiming otherwise, Draymond Green says the alleged fight between him and Cleveland Cavaliers big man Tristan Thompson never happened.

After a day of speculation and reports of a sucker punch being thrown at an ESPYs afterparty, the Golden State Warriors star took to Instagram to deny the reports. Green wrote that while he enjoyed the speculation, the reports were all “inaccurate.”

Of course in true Draymond Green fashion, he couldn’t resist taking a quick shot at the Cleveland Cavaliers. Green fired back at Cavaliers fans that planned a parade in Cleveland to celebrate Thompson’s alleged assault on Green.

“They may want to cancel that parade too,” Green wrote. “Nah keep the parade, that city won’t have one for a while…I forgot [LeBron James] left.”

Green added that the reports didn’t bother him but he was setting the record straight because his mother was tired of hearing false stories about him.

The alleged fight between Green and Thompson came more than two months after the players were involved in an ugly altercation at the end of game one of the NBA Finals. Thompson got tired of Green’s trash talk and shoved the ball into Green’s face, which ignited a shoving match.

A few days later, before game two of the Finals, Green told reporters that Thompson could meet him “in the streets.” Thompson never responded publicly.

At the end of game four, just after the Warriors won their second straight title, Green reportedly refused to shake Thompson’s hand as the series ended. Green continued to talk about his decision a month later, when he told reporters that him and Thompson aren’t “cut the same.”

The two big men will meet in games twice this year and will surely clash on the court as they have over the past year.


Featured Image via: Flickr/James N Mattis

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