Former NFL Quarterback wins Amateur Golf Championship

Former NFL Quarterback wins Amateur Golf Championship

Mt Pleasant, WI—Tony Romo was making progress on his golf career this weekend, adding a victory at the Meadowbrook Country Club. Maybe there are future hopes in the sport for the former signal caller of the Dallas Cowboys.

Romo finished his final round on Sunday, shooting a solid score of 9 strokes under par to win the Racine Tri-Course Amateur championship. On his final day on the course he was able to record two strokes under par, guaranteeing his second win at the course; his other coming in 2004. Romo kept up the pressure for the entirety of the championship, and was able to shoot three subpar rounds. He is the third player to do so in the tournament’s entire existence.

The Eastern-Illinois almunis was able to maintain a lead for most of the tournament. ““I took mostly conservative lines and aggressive swings, and that’s the approach you take when you have a lead,” Romo said to the (Racine) Journal Times. When you’re hitting it as solid as I’ve been hitting it, you can trust it — commit to the swing and hit it.” The aggressive play from Romo payed off in the end. It seems that Romo has a lot left in the tank following the end of his pro football career.

The former Quarterback was seen as one of the best veterans in the NFL towards the end of his career. He played 10 seasons, all with the Dallas Cowboys, sporting a Quarterback rating (QBR) of a 97.1 in that time. He played from 2006-2016, and in his final season he would suffer from a back injury to his L1 vertebrae in the preseason against the Seahawks. That would be the last time Tony Romo saw the field as a NFL player. The Cowboys actually fared well in the season without him, due to his playing time given to rookie Dak Prescott, who combined with fellow rookie Ezekiel Elliot helped the Cowboys to 13-3 regular season, which happened to be the best in the NFC.

The following season Romo was expected to sign somewhere else to lead a franchise in the latter part of his career. There were many openings for him at the time, including the Buffalo Bills and the Denver Broncos. Even though there were plenty of options for Romo to choose from, he chose the safest and probably smartest path, in hanging up his jersey for retirement from the league. Many analysts still believed Romo could provide help elsewhere around the NFL, but Romo decided it was time to move on from his playing career, and step into the booth as a color analyst for CBS. It was thought as a strange move for the former signal caller, but it sure would pay off.

In his very first season, you could see the signs that Romo had chosen the right career path. Off the back, he could understand the team’s that were playing on offense. During the games that he would be calling, Romo seemed like an offensive prophet, predicting every team’s offensive move based off of signal calls and audibles. Being just recently retired, Romo has such a familiar grasp on how the NFL offenses will work that he would in detail describe a play as it is about to happen. This feature that Romo brings to the booth, combined with his vibrant emotion made him an instant on-screen success. His broadcast team has already become the No. 1 for the NFL. The decision for Romo payed off, as he traded a possible bruising end to his NFL career for fame in the broadcasting world.

The action doesn’t stop there, as now Romo can spend more time on his golf game while he spends his off-season’s out of the booth. The Wisconsin native won his hometown tournament, and is looking to add on to his golf resume.

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