El Clasico Joven, “The Young Classic”. Cruz Azul vs America

El Clasico Joven, “The Young Classic”. Cruz Azul vs America

On October 27th, 10 PM Eastern Time, within the Estadio Azteca, El Clasico Joven within the Liga MX Apertura 2018 league was played. This “Young Classic”, as it is directly translated, within the league is usually seen as a top team going head-on against an outmatched one, with Cruz Azul usually being the underdog.

However, within the 2018 Apertura League season Club Cruz Azul was notably only one point behind the league’s leader Club America, with many speculating the leagues “young classic” was a must watch within the leagues fourteenth round. The much-awaited football classic immediately started with an aggressive start. Both sides vying for control, Renato Ibarra within the four-minute mark shot a close attempt at a goal that almost hit one side of the goal post of opposing goalkeeper Jose Corrona of Cruz Azul.

Cruz Azul not wanting to sit by idle, quickly retaliated. Within the five-minute mark, Martin Cauteruccio, a forward of Cruz Azul, made a close shot towards the goal post of Augustin Marchesin, goal keeper of Club America. The “young classic” was filled with monumental plays, as we saw one of the most aggressive teams within the league, Club America, play one of the most defensive lines of the league within Club Cruz Azul. Club America has averaged more than 2 goals a match and has scored more than a dozen goals in the last five matches they have played. However, Club Cruz Azul has only allowed 11 goals throughout thirteen games. The “young classic” was notably one of the hottest matches to watch within the fourteenth round of the Liga MX Apertura 2018 League, and ironically within the fourteenth round was the best game of the round and was the only match with no goals scored.

Ultimately, the soccer classic ended in a draw with neither team scoring a goal. Overall Club America was seen as the superior team with putting Club Cruz Azul on the defensive throughout the whole game. Needless to say, both teams received a single point within the score board for the Liga MX Apertura 2018 Scoreboard. Club America retained its position of first place and league leader, while Club Cruz Azul saw itself go down a position with now being in third place being surpassed by Club Santos Laguna with their recent win over Club Monterey, surpassing Club Cruz Azul by one point and standing at 28 and as well as tying with Club America who stands at 28 points as well. The results of the young classic pose a lot of questions for both Clubs. Will America be able to keep its league position much longer with defending champs Santos Laguna steadily catching up and will Cruz Azul be able to recover its position within the league within the next round. The fifteenth round of the Liga MX Apertura 2018 league will begin on November 3rd and periodically end on November the 5th.

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