Dubois seeking ‘justice’ after low blow call in loss to Usyk

In a boxing match that has stirred intense debate and ignited passionate discussions among fans and pundits alike, British heavyweight boxer Daniel Dubois finds himself on a quest for justice following a controversial loss to Oleksandr Usyk on August 28, 2023. This high-stakes showdown has raised questions about the intricacies of refereeing and the pursuit of fairness in boxing.

The Showdown of Titans

The clash between Dubois and Usyk was nothing short of a battle of titans. Both fighters, known for their formidable skills and unwavering determination, entered the ring hoping to secure a defining victory.

Dubois’ Aggressive Style

Daniel Dubois, renowned for his aggressive and powerful boxing style, had garnered a loyal following of fans who expected nothing less than a dominant performance. His thunderous punches and knockout record were a testament to his capability.

Usyk’s Tactical Brilliance

Oleksandr Usyk, on the other hand, was celebrated for his tactical brilliance and unmatched ring IQ. Having previously reigned as an undisputed cruiserweight champion, he brought a wealth of experience and skill to the heavyweight division.

The Controversial Moment

As the fight unfolded, a pivotal moment in the eighth round would define the match and spark controversy.

The Low Blow Call

In a fiercely contested exchange, Dubois landed what appeared to be a powerful body shot, only for the referee to halt the action and penalize him for a low blow. This decision shifted the dynamics of the fight and left Dubois and his camp in disbelief.

Impact on the Outcome

The deduction of points following the low blow call profoundly impacted the match’s scoring. Despite Dubois’ valiant efforts in the subsequent rounds, Usyk was declared the winner by a narrow margin, which continues to be disputed.

Pursuit of Justice

In the aftermath of this controversial loss, Daniel Dubois and his team have embarked on a mission to seek justice within the boxing community.

Appeal and Review

Dubois’ camp has officially appealed the result, citing the contentious low-blow call as a pivotal moment that swung the fight in Usyk’s favor. They have called for a thorough review of the match to ensure fairness.

Calls for Transparency

The controversy surrounding this fight has led to renewed calls for transparency in refereeing decisions and the need for instant replay in boxing to prevent similar disputes in the future.

The Boxing Community’s Response

The boxing community has been divided in assessing the fight and the subsequent actions taken by Dubois’ camp.

Debate and Discussion

Boxing enthusiasts, analysts, and fellow fighters have engaged in spirited debates regarding the low-blow call and its impact. It has fueled discussions about the need for consistency in refereeing.

Support for Dubois

Many within the boxing fraternity have supported Daniel Dubois, acknowledging his resilience in adversity and the need for sports fairness.


In conclusion, Daniel Dubois’ pursuit of justice following his controversial loss to Oleksandr Usyk symbolizes the passion and integrity that define the sport of boxing. This high-stakes encounter has not only ignited discussions about refereeing decisions but also highlighted the determination of fighters to ensure a level playing field. The quest for justice continues as the boxing world watches closely, underscoring the enduring spirit of fairness and integrity that underpins this beloved sport.

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