Djokovic returns to Former Glory- Wins 13th Grand Slam

Djokovic returns to Former Glory- Wins 13th Grand Slam

London– It felt as if the Tennis world has gotten back on track following this Sunday’s Wimbledon final. Novak Djokovic has returned to the top, winning the premier Grand Slam of Tennis.

Although most of the world was captivated by an inspired, young and talented French team winning their second-ever World Cup, another championship was occurring on Sunday that featured one of the game’s best players returning to his top form. Djokovic, who is now 31 years-old was able to taste the sweet victory of a Grand Slam since the French Open back in 2016. He was able to add his fourth Wimbledon trophy to his collection of an impressive 13 Grand Slam victories.

Djokovic was thinking after his early exit at the French Open this year that he would not be ready for the competition in England. “I did not expect to be back in top shape already here in Wimbledon so quickly,” Djokovic said. “If you asked me after Roland Garros, I would probably maybe doubt that.” The Joker quickly disproved himself on Sunday when he was able to destroy 8th ranked Kevin Anderson in straight sets, with a score of 6-2, 6-2, 7-6. It is truly a great sight to see the man hoist up the trophy that he has been unable to obtain in a while.

I will be one to say that I had never liked Novak Djokovic, due to being a fan of Rodger Federer, and also of how he has acted in the past when playing the sport of tennis. When he was on top of his game, putting the world on notice as he would tear through his opponents in the early 2010’s, his cockiness and spirits while he played were always something that I had disliked. This time around, I have to admit it seems that the man has matured and has become humbler during his hiatus of elite playing on the court. In the time where he was unable to capture another Grand Slam Djokovic had to handle personal issues, and then suffered from injuries that had been keeping up with him during his dominance.

In 2017 the tennis player’s right elbow had forced him to miss the 2017 season following a Quarter-final exit from Wimbledon. He would heal and rehab himself until the beginning of this year, where he competed at the first major title of the year, the Australian Open. Also, in his absence from the top of Tennis, the Serbian had a child. After his win over Andersen, Djokovic was asked how it feels to be back in the winner’s circle. “For the First time in my life I’ve had someone screaming ‘Daddy Daddy’,” Djokovic replied. The sense of humility flows from this, as instead of gloating in his win, he would want his to share this experience with his child, who has never seen his father at the top of his game until now. I believe that Djokovic has turned a corner in his tennis career, and it is definitely for the better.

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