Cut Carson Wentz Some Slack

Cut Carson Wentz Some Slack

The first order of business is to address Carson Wentz’s back injury. He was ruled out for this Sunday’s game earlier in the week but the injury is worse than originally thought. A recent CT scan revealed that Wentz has a fractured vertebrae. The back issue is speculated to have started in mid-October.

There has been a lot of Wentz slander going on as of late. He hasn’t been making the same “wow” plays he was making last year when he was an MVP candidate. But he has still been productive although his record isn’t ideal. In 2018, Wentz has thrown for 3,074 yards, 21 TDs, 7 INTs, 69.6 completion %, and 64.9 QBR. The Eagles are 5-6 in Wentz’s 11 starts.

It should also be noted that Wentz missed the first two games from a torn ACL and LCL sustained on December 10th of last year. Those numbers are solid regardless of him coming off of the knee injury or not.

Now factoring in the back injury. This injury may be one of the most debilitating injuries you can sustain as a quarterback. You need your back to throw, it’s that simple. Any kind of injury to the back and you will not be able to rotate your upper body with enough force to deliver an optimum ball. Before Wentz was listed on the injury report on October 17th, he had 1,192 yards, 292 YPG, 8 TD, 1 INT, and 68 completion % in four games. In his seven games after, he has 1,882 yards, 269 YPG, 13 TD, 6 INT, and 70 completion %. The increased interceptions are a better indicator of his “struggles” than his completion %. Perhaps Doug Pederson has tried to make Wentz’s life easier by dialing up easier throws.

Now injuries aside, let’s not forget the Eagles lost both their offensive coordinator, Frank Reich, and quarterbacks coach, John DeFililpo, this offseason. Even though the offense is Pederson’s, those two guys had a lot of input and were a big part in helping Wentz grow as a player. It was inevitable there was going to be some kind of adjustment. Look at how well the Indianapolis Colts are doing with Reich as their head coach. It surely helps that Andrew Luck is playing out of his mind but Reich has installed a great system in Indianapolis. Unfortunately, not so much for DeFilipo in Minnesota who was fired after that Monday night sleeper. They have a whole bunch of problems but I digress.

Wentz will likely be shut down for the rest of the year as he should be. When healthy, he is a top 10 quarterback and they cannot afford to permanently damage their franchise signal caller. Plus they have a guy on the bench who did some pretty good things last year.

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