Conor McGregor still in legal trouble after melee

Conor McGregor still in legal trouble after melee

Conor McGregor’s case is still unresolved after months when the incident took place. He had a very brief appointment at King’s county supreme courthouse in Brooklyn New York on Thursday. The MMA fighter was only there for 2 minutes. The Brooklyn District Attorney’s office stated that there are negotiations taking place for a potential plea deal. McGregor’s next court date is scheduled for July 26. McGregor has remained free on bail.

McGregor is facing a total of 12 charges. Two for misdemeanor assault and one for felony criminal mischief. UFC fighters Michael Chiesa and Ray Borg both said they had suffered injuries in the attack which prevented them from fighting at UFC 223.

UFC president Dana White is scheduled to meet with McGregor on June 18th. They will have that meeting in Las Vegas. McGregor’s agent said on Thursday that his team will focus on legal matters first before any future fights are made.

McGregor’s attack was aimed at current UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov. Numagomedov wants to fight former welterweight and middleweight champion Georges St-Pierre, but the UFC wants him to fight Conor instead.

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