China’s Yin is a ‘big step’ closer to emulating inspirational Feng

Yin Ruoning, 20, of China, is on track to overtake compatriot Feng Shanshan as the world’s number one player after finishing in the top three of the LPGA for the third consecutive day on Sunday.

Feng retired in August last year and earned ten victories on the top women’s circuit. When she won the 2012 Women’s PGA Championship, she became the first golfer from China, male or female, to win a major.

At the same competition in June, Yin also claimed victory in her maiden major, calling Feng an “inspiration” to her.

Yin, who was not even in the top 400 last year, came in third at the LPGA Queen City Championship in Cincinnati on Sunday, behind only the Australian champion Minjee Lee and the Englishman Charlie Hull.

She had also placed third in the Portland Classic last month and the CPKC Women’s Open in Canada.

When asked how it would feel to replace American Lilia Vu as the top player in the world when the rankings are updated later on Monday, Yin said, “I’ve got goosebumps.”

“Becoming world number one is a significant step toward pursuing Shanshan.

It is significant. It’s like a dream come true for me. It is fantastic. My thoughts are now empty. Perhaps I won’t be able to speak until I finally recognize my name as the top dog in the world.

The Asian Games, which start on September 23 in Hangzhou, will be coached by Feng, according to Yin, who claimed she will soon get to speak with him.

I didn’t have many opportunities to speak with Shanshan, remarked Yin. But I’m excited to return to China, compete in the Asian Games, and see her more often.

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