Chelsea Blames Loss to Manchester United on Virus

Chelsea Blames Loss to Manchester United on Virus

Chelsea has summed up their 2-0 loss to Manchester United on Sunday to a virus that seems to be spreading through the club.

As the top team in the Premier League standings, Chelsea’s performance on Sunday was anything but normal. According to the club, the reason for their loss is an illness that has affected several of their players.

Marc Alonso had been feeling ill on Saturday night and tried to persevere through the pre-game warm-ups. He was officially ruled out of the game after the team’s medical staff analyzed him in the visiting team’s locker room. The club’s quick solution was to have César Azpilicueta fill in on the left side.

Alonso wasn’t the only player feeling off. Victor Moses left early in the second half after just returning from a calf injury. Striker Diego Costa missed the club’s practices near the end of last week, which they believe was because of illness. Costa claimed he was fit to play on Sunday, however, he fell flat in trying to help his team win. This hasn’t been the only game he’s flopped in; he hasn’t scored in a goal in Chelsea’s last five Premier League games. His lack of energy in Sunday’s game, which may be due to the virus, certainly did not help him get out of his slump.

The club has a hunch that the virus spread during the team’s bonding meal that occurred last weekend.

Chelsea is hoping that the three key players will be able to play on Saturday when they play against the Spurs in the FA Cup semi-final. Given the rivalry the two teams have the match won’t be easy, especially since the two are in the race for the final.

According to recent reports, the illness is still traveling around the team and has affected Gary Cahill. On a positive note, Thibaut Courtois is set to return for Saturday’s game after suffering an ankle injury while doing a promotional shoot for the NBA. Courtois is hopeful that he will be a positive force in helping Chelsea win and advance to the final.

Chelsea’s loss to Manchester United has now shrunk their lead to only four points with Tottenham Hotspur not far behind.

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