Capitals Celebrate Stanley Cup Throughout DC

Capitals Celebrate Stanley Cup Throughout DC

The Stanley Cup champions have spent the few days non-stop partying—and it doesn’t seem like they’ll be slowing down any time soon.

The Capitals players didn’t wait to return to DC to start their party celebrations: they filled a nightclub in Las Vegas after their game five, Cup-clinching win. They doused themselves in the more than 80 bottles of champagne they had delivered. Reports of a booze-soaked locker room emerged the morning after the game.

When their team plane touched down, the players were stranded inside for almost three hours, where they reportedly passed around the Stanley Cup and took turns drinking vodka out of it.

The Capitals next headed for Nationals Park during the Washington Nationals/San Fransisco Giants game on Saturday, where Stanley Cup Series MVP Alex Ovechkin threw out the first pitch. Ovechkin and most other players appeared intoxicated beyond their wits and didn’t appear to be planning to stop drinking any time soon.

Later that night, fans around the city posted photos and videos of the team on social media, painting a picture of a very intoxicated Capitals team parading to various parts of DC. In Georgetown, fans caught Ovechkin doing a keg-stand on the Stanley Cup, hanging out briefly with Ivanka Trump, and spraying players and fans alike with champagne.

In a now-viral video, one fan caught Ovechkin and his teammates swimming half-naked in a riverside fountain.

Not long after, some of the Capitals players were seen boarding a party bus that would take them to a tattoo shop, where right wing Jakub Vrana and left wing André Burakovsky got tattoos to commemorate their Stanley Cup victory.

While Vrana and Burakovsky were getting inked, the rest of the team partied at a restaurant in Georgetown, touting the cup around while fans pressed against the windows to watch. At one point, the players found their way up to the roof of the restaurant. After leaving the restaurant, Ovechkin took the cup home while other team members found their way to a club in DC.

The Capitals seemed to cool down the next day, Ovechkin spent most of Sunday celebrating at his own house, while a few other players spent the day together on a boat with their families.

The booze-driven celebrations around the city happened days before the championship parade—scheduled for Tuesday—where championship teams usually begin their public celebration. The Capitals are celebrating their first Stanley Cup Championship in franchise history, and the first for most of their players.


Featured Image via: Wikimedia Commons

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