Shocking revelation on Candice LERAE’S injury during WWE RAW

candice lerae

WWE Superstars give everything their all in the ring, but accidents happen, and plans don’t always work out as expected. Given that the entirety of Candice LeRae’s unsettling RAW segment was included in the program, it appears that they are still exploring issues related to injuries in 2023.

This week, Ringside News offered comprehensive play-by-play coverage. Even though they had to schedule a special episode since so many cast members were traveling to Saudi Arabia and were either abroad or otherwise preoccupied, the program was good. The outcome of Candice LeRae and Xia Li’s story did not turn out as expected throughout the evening.

Xia Li kicked Candice LeRae in the face during that match, sending her to the ground. The referee called for the bell in a relatively short amount of time. Although it doesn’t appear like Candice LeRae is hurt, many fans were worried about that.

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio pointed out that Candice LeRae’s injury was only a plot point for the match. Although they scored a knockout, the outcome wasn’t what they had hoped for.

Candice did an excellent job, but the referee was slightly off. I believe they were trying to give the impression that she was unaware of what was happening, which was odd. Overall, though, I think everyone did their part. It seemed as though the referee was very inept because they were trying to make it appear awkward.

Later in the event, WWE featured Candice LeRae in the trainer’s room. They were staring at her as she applied some ice to her head. Nevertheless, it seems unlikely they would have placed a camera on her backstage during that section if she had been seriously hurt.

In the upcoming weeks, it will be interesting to see if Candice LeRae exacts any retribution on Xia Li. It’s always conceivable that after spending so much time behind the scenes with nothing to do, this is how they are developing Xia Li at this point. For more, be sure to revisit Ringside News soon.

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