Can the 76ers be the next Beast of the East?

Can the 76ers be the next Beast of the East?

Yes. The answer is absolutely yes. The 76ers are playing better and better every game that they play, and should almost certainly land a spot in the playoffs. The Philadelphia team is comprised of young bucks, and a few veterans. They are undoubtedly making the most out of what little they have, and still managing to win time and time again. The problem with the Philadelphia 76ers is… well there are a few. To begin the Philadelphia 76ers have a starting five, and on the bench they have… yeah really they only have the starting five. The 76ers are currently starting J.J Redick at shooting guard, Dario Saric at power forward, Joel Embiid at center, Robert Covington at small forward, and possible rookie of the year Ben Simmons at point guard.

The starters are really all they can rely on, especially with an injured 76ers number one draft pick and shooting guard Markelle Fultz injured. The 76ers currently place among the lowest scoring in bench units in the NBA, and just recently added some minor assets to the team to give some of the furious five some rest. Those additions include shooting guard Marco Belinelli, and power forward Ersan Ilyasova. Small problem with that minor bench help as well. Belinelli, as well as Ilyasova and Redick, will be at the end of their contracts after this season. This leaves a young, blossoming 76ers in a sticky situation. The 76ers should strongly consider extending J.J Redick’s contract but after that where does it leave this building team? With options.

Villanova wingman is a big draft possibility for the 76ers because he could be a big asset to the team. He is aggressive on both sides of the ball, and is even called the “3 and D man.” I think the first picks on the Philadelphia 76ers radar, after catching Markelle Fultz and Korkmaz back up to speed, come from overseas. The biggest possible additions would include center Anzejs Pasecniks who stands at 7 feet 1 inches, and would be the perfect aggressive backup for Joel Embiid. He plays aggressive and could even pair well with Embbid on the court with him at the same time.

Another 76ers possible addition would be small forward Mathias Lessot, but perhaps their number one newest addition to the roster would most likely be power forward Jonah Bolden. Another aggressive, both sides of the ball player, similar to Covington, only better. He is even has a nickname that people have given him for his exceptional skills on offense and defense… The “3 and D man.” There are some small other rumours that have been tossed around, but one of the biggest speculated rumor might be that of “King James” heading to to Philadelphia. Right now that rumor is just some he said she said gossip, but wow what a team they would have with him, especially with how sweet of a draft order the 76ers have. 3rd best in the NBA draft to be exact.

The Philadelphia 76ers have a lot of potential to be a great team. They have a bright future and a lot of options on the table for them. The future of the Philadelphia 76ers is unknown for now, but in the meantime the only thing we can really do is… TRUST THE PROCESS!

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