Breaking Down Each Heisman Finalist

Breaking Down Each Heisman Finalist

The Heisman race has come down to the three quarterbacks, Tua Tagvailoa, Kyler Murray, and Dwayne Haskins. Before I discuss each candidate, let’s take a look at their stats.


Tua Tagovailoa, Alabama

Completions: 199

Attempts: 294

Completion %: 67.7

Passing yards: 3,353

YPA: 11.4

Passing TD: 37

INT: 4

Rushes: 48

Rushing yards: 190

YPR: 4

Rushing TD: 5


Kyler Murray, Oklahoma

Completions: 241

Attempts: 340

Completion %: 71.0

Passing yards: 4,053

YPA: 11.9

Passing TDs: 40

INTs: 7

Rushes: 123

Rushing yards: 892

YPR: 7.3

Rushing TDs: 11


Dwayne Haskins, Ohio State

Completions: 348

Attempts: 496

Completion %: 70.2

Passing yards: 4,580

YPA: 9.23

Passing TDs: 47

INTs: 8

Rushes: 73

Rushing yards: 122

YPR: 1.7

Rushing TDs: 4


Tua Tagovailloa

Tua was a pre-season Heisman favorite and here we are, four months later. He had an unbelievable season and lived up to his hype after his national championship heroics back in January. Tua might have done himself a disservice by being too good at times this season. Alabama jumped out to a lot of early leads and that impacted Tua’s sample size. He didn’t play in the fourth quarter until their ninth game, which was against LSU. His play this season has NFL scouts drooling about his potential and his only sub-par performance was in the SEC championship game against Georgia when he had to leave early due to an ankle injury. Another knock on Tua is that Alabama is so good that it masks some of his deficiencies.


Kyler Murray

Murray was a top 10 pick in the MLB draft last summer which displays what kind of an athlete he is. The Oklahoma offense somehow became more explosive upon Baker Mayfield’s departure. Mayfield told everyone how good Kyler Murray was and Murray certainly backed him up. He was one of the most electrifying players in college football this season. His ability as a runner is some of the best we’ve seen from the quarterback position. He is very small for a quarterback but that hasn’t affected him much this year. The knock on Murray is that he plays in the Big 12 where defenses get toasted on a regular basis.


Dwayne Haskins

If we’re talking about him as a draft prospect, Haskins is the best pure passer of the three quarterbacks. But was he the best college football player of the three? His production is absolutely there with 47 passing touchdowns to 8 interceptions. And he blew past the Ohio State passing yards record— 3,330 set by Joe Germaine in 1998. On top of that, he set the Big Ten record for touchdowns and passing yards in a single season. He attempted 156 more passes than Murray and 202 more passes than Tua. But Haskins isn’t nearly the runner that Murray and Tua are.


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