Usain Bolt is Close to Beginning a Professional Soccer Career

Usain Bolt is Close to Beginning a Professional Soccer Career

The fastest man alive reportedly wants to add professional soccer player to his already-lengthy list of achievements.

Usain Bolt was expected to try-out for Australia’s smallest soccer club, Central Coast Mariners, earlier this month and is now receiving interest from teams in Turkey, Hungary and the United States as well. Bolt’s quest to play soccer professionally seemed like a promotional opportunity at first, but the eight-time gold medalist says that he is very serious about the possibility.

Speaking with The Herald Sun in April, Bolt said that he is looking forward to the challenge that soccer would present.

“For me, it’s a big deal. Everyone feels like I’m just kidding around or joking but I’m serious,” he said. “This is what I’m trying to do, to move onto another goal. I’m trying to play soccer.”

Even if Bolt is serious about soccer, there’s no telling whether or not his skills can translate onto the soccer field. Speed is of course a valuable skill to have in soccer but playing with teammates, and making sure not to out-run them, will be a new adventure for Bolt.

One of the teams considering Bolt already has a plan for using his skills. ESPN reports that the Las Vegas Lights plan to use Bolt on the right wing if they can sign him, putting him in prime position to blow past opponents and score.

The Lights, like Bolt, are very serious about the possibility of getting Bolt on a soccer field. If the Lights are able to negotiate an affordable salary for the former Olympian, it would allow Bolt to fulfill a life-long dream.

“Throughout my life, I’ve always dabbled myself in soccer because I played in high school,” Bolt said. “[Soccer] is something that I’ve always want to do or felt I could do.”

Bolt’s transition to soccer puts a definitive end to his running career, which he ends with eight gold medals over four Olympics.


Featured Image via: Flickr/Nick J Webb

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