Bench-Clearing Brawl Breaks Out Between Yankees and Tigers

Bench-Clearing Brawl Breaks Out Between Yankees and Tigers

On Thursday, August 24th, the New York Yankees- Detroit Tigers game at Comerica Park turned into a chaotic brawl. There was a total of eight ejections and three bench-clearing altercations.

The first altercation that occurred was started by Detroit starter Michael Fulmer. Fulmer hit Gary Sanchez after the Yankees All-Star catcher scored a home run off of him.

Yankees manager Joe Girardi and Yankees relief pitcher Tommy Kahnle were ejected for throwing a pitch behind Miguel Cabrera in the sixth inning.

The brawl between the Tigers 11-time All-Star Miguel Cabrera and Yankees catcher Austin Romine began at the home plate, shortly after Kahnle’s ejection. The fight led to the dugouts being cleared during the sixth inning. Cabrera was the first to incite the scuffle by pushing Romine in the chest and throwing a punch in his direction. Cabrera and Romine were both ejected.

However, they would not be the only ones as Yankees bench coach/ acting manager Rob Thomson and Yankees reliever Dellin Betances were also ejected during the seventh inning. They were ejected after Betances hit Tigers catcher James McCann in the helmet with a fastball.

In the eighth inning, Detroit Tigers pitcher Alex Wilson was thrown out for hitting Yankees third baseman Todd Frazier intentionally with a pitch after warnings were issued for both sides. Detroit manager Brad Ausmus was ejected as well.

“You don’t see games like this very often, for good reason, because of injury concerns. I hope I never see one again,” said Ausmus.

After Thursday night’s brawl, Cabrera was suspended for seven games since he started the first bench-clearing incident, and took part in the fighting himself. Many other players were also suspended, including Sanchez and Wilson. Both received four-game suspensions for engaging in the fighting. After throwing a few punches, Romine received a two-game suspension.

Each of the four players suspended for fighting on Thursday’s game plan to appeal their suspensions so until their appeals have been ruled, they will still be eligible to play.

When talking about the length of the suspensions, Ausmus said, “I figured because it started with Miggy that his would be big. I’m a little surprised at how short Gary Sanchez’s is, quite frankly, considering some of the video I saw. I think that one probably shocked me the most. I thought he would get the largest suspension.”

After participating in the brawl, Cabrera, Sanchez, Wilson, Romine, and Ausmus, were issued undisclosed fines. For their role in the multiple altercations, Girardi, Thomson, Kahnle, Yankees outfielder Brett Gardner, and Tigers shortstop Jose Iglesias were also fined. Yankees first baseman Garrett Cooper and outfielder Clint Frazier also received fines for stepping out onto the field when they were currently on the disabled list.

While Fulmer initially started some of the fighting, he never received a suspension nor a fine.

Despite the multiple incidents, the Tigers achieved a 10-6 victory. In regards to the suspensions, Girardi stated that the Yankees would attempt to stagger the suspensions so that Sanchez or Ramine would be available to play. Girardi currently has no plans in place for who would become backup once Sanchez and Romine are out, but the current top minor league catcher for the Yankees is Kyle Higashioka.


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