Are the Houston Texans Legit Contenders?

Are the Houston Texans Legit Contenders?

The Houston Texans are certainly a good team. A bad team doesn’t accidentally win eight games in a row. But can they actually contend for the Super Bowl this Winter? They’re 2 games ahead of the Indianapolis Colts who are on a win streak of their own.  The AFC South is one of the weaker divisions in the league so its still hard to put them in the category with other top teams like the Saints, Rams, Chiefs, Steelers, or Patriots.

The teams that the Texans have faced have a combined 40-48 record this season so they haven’t exactly played anyone elite yet. They’re scheduled to finish off the season is also not really difficult. The only team with a record above .500 they have left to play is the Colts.

They have a lot of firepower on both sides of the ball. Second year quarterback Deshaun Watson has started to look like last year’s phenom. He looked a little uncomfortable to start the season as he was still recovering from last year’s knee surgery. Just as he was starting to trust his knee, he suffered a rib injury which led to some struggles for a few weeks but he looked back to form Monday night against the Titans.

Watson is throwing to one of the best receivers in the league in DeAndre Hopkins and the newly acquired Demaryius Thomas has provided a nice second option for him. Also running back Lamar Miller looked great on Monday night and he will look to be more consistent down the stretch. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of questions with their offensive line. Watson bails them out a lot with his escapability. It will be interesting to see how they fare against a defense with a tough front seven.

On the defensive side, they have a solid core. JJ Watt is playing like the Defensive Player of the Year that we know he is capable of and Jadeveon Clowney has shown how dangerous he can be when healthy for two seasons now. Tyrann Mathieu makes his presence felt in the secondary but that is where their weakness lies in the defense.

They have displayed growth after showing flashes in 2017. they play who is in front of them so they shouldn’t be knocked for that. However the real test for the Texans will come if they reach the playoffs and it looks like they’re headed there.

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